Andrew Crooks

Associate Professor

Fall 2015 OFFICE HOURS: Fridays 2-3, 4:30-5 or by appointment, 381 Research Hall

Internal extension: 3-4640
Direct line: 703-993-4640
Email address: acrooks2 [at] gmu [dot] edu

Andrew Crooks is an associate professor in the Computational Social Science Program. He studied at the University of Edinburgh obtaining a BSc in Geology and Physical Geography and an MSc in Geographical Information Science. Prior to starting his PhD at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), University College London, Andrew worked as a research and information officer for the social work department of Edinburgh City Council. His PhD thesis was entitled 'Experimenting with Cities: Utilizing Agent-Based Models and GIS to Explore Urban Dynamics.' This research investigated the potential of integrating GIS and agent-based models thus providing the ability to link agents to actual ‘real’ world places. The PhD was carried out under the supervision of Professor's Michael Batty and Paul Longley and sponsored by the Greater London Authority (GLA) Economics unit.

Since completion of his PhD and before joining George Mason University, Andrew held the position of ‘GLA Economics Research Fellow in Urban Systems’ at CASA where he continued to develop geographical explicit agent-based models along with exploring and developing various other GIS applications and models focused around London. Andrew is the author of an online blog entitled GIS and Agent-Based Modeling (, which highlights his current work and research interests. These include exploring, understanding and the communication of urban built and socio-economic environments using GIS, spatial analysis and agent-based modeling methodologies.

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