Computational Social Science is the interdisciplinary science of complex social systems and their investigation through computational modeling and related techniques.

The aim of the Computational Social Science Program is to provide our students with the relevant tools and skill set to investigate this new and exciting field through our unique degree programs.

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Masters Program

Apply now for a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies MAIS with a concentration in Computational Social Science. Click here to read more

Model Gallery

This simple agent-based model utilizing MASON was created by Omar Guerrero as part of his comprehensive exams. Omar, built the model to explore the question: what is more effective, a four way stop or a traffic light at a road intersection?

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Meet a Student

Kevin Comer is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Computational Social Science. His research is focused on modeling the drivers and effects of adverse selection, or non-participation, in markets. His dissertation topic is the simulation of this phenomenon, using agent-based models, in the context of the individual health insurance market

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